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Termination of Benefits Reader’s Comments

“Impressive first installment of a planned series...A well-plotted thriller with a likable,
female protagonist strong enough to be featured in her own series,”

 —Kirkus Reviews

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“A Compelling First Novel”

George Smith

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“I have to tell you it was difficult not to stay up all night to finish the book. I’m 2/3 through it.
I love the characters and can’t wait to see what happens.”


“I could not get enough sleep for a week because I kept burning the midnight oil reading

your book....and then I was sad that it was over. Keep them coming.”


“I finished the book within the past week and really enjoyed it. It was a fun and

compelling read, and I really appreciated that Portland itself became a
character in the


“Finished reading your book over the weekend.  Wow, what a great story!  And I got a

great sense of the therapeutic community in Portland and what it involves.”


“Just finished. You did it! ...I’ll recommend it to everyone I know.

“We’ll I’ll be.....that was a great read. I’m impressed. Really.
And I learned something
new about Maine.”


“I have finished the book and loved it.  I loved the psychological drama, the Portland

setting, learning more about... Jewish traditions, and your wonderful sense of the world!”


“BRAVO!!! How you came up with the story, how it unraveled and
found it’s way home. Thank you for the adventure!”


“This is a captivating pleasure read about a murder, psychopathology,
EMDR therapy and deep friendships.”

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